Operationalize data science at scale

Ingest data in real time. Build models without coding. Deploy models and make them accessible from RESTful APIs.

End to End Data Science Platform


Empowering enterprises to make their business processes more data driven.

Each product is designed to work independently or together as the Loominus Platform.

  • Teraport - Flexible real-time data ingestion
  • Learner - No-code machine learning models
  • ModOps - DevOps for your machine learning models

All Loominus products can be deployed on premise or on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Platform Features

Cloud Native Architecture

Deploys on your cloud provider and scales naturally based on usage leveraging the underlying resources that best fit your needs.

Tame Raw Data

Our flexible data ingestion gives you the power to work with unstructured and semi-structured data - all in real time.

Data Connectors

Our extensible connector architecture lets you harness the power of your snapshot training data from various sources.

Machine Learning Models Without Coding

We have packaged enterprise data science into our intuitive software suite so you can build quality models - no coding required.

Quicker Insights and Push Button Model Deployment

Train machine learning models quickly and roll them out to production using push button deployment with our simple UI and RESTful APIs.

Fully Managed Models

Get operational visibility and lifecycle management controls of your deployed models.

For Data Engineers

Reduce the amount of time doing tedious but necessary data wrangling. Spend more time designing, building and integrating with your company's data warehouses.

For Data Scientists

Focus on building and optimizing models while exploring and tuning their performance. Use your programming skills to build custom models or explore models built by your team in Scikit-Learn, R, or Apache Spark.

For Business Analysts

Spend less time on the data and more time adding value. Try your hands at modeling without having to learn coding and be better equipped to discuss model insights with data scientists.


Teraport takes a modern and practical approach to enterprise data ingestion by exposing a simple RESTFul API to push data in real time to multiple sinks including databases, distributed file systems, data warehouses, and more.

  • Accepts JSON and automatically creates tables
  • Tame unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Tracks detailed metrics and auditing metadata
  • Allows ETL-like jobs to focus on task not storage
  • Pair with Learner for importing training data


Learner enables business analysts and data scientists to build machine learning models in an intelligent and assisted manner without coding.

  • Data connectors for importing training CSV
  • Classification, regression, and recommendations
  • Automatically trains multiple algorithms
  • Discovers top predictors and explore them visually
  • Pair with ModOps for model deployment and monitoring


ModOps supports the deployment and monitoring of machine learning models in a simple and self-service manner and exposes a RESTful API to your models that's instantly consumable by your development team.

  • Model deployments on scalable infrastructure
  • Compatible with third party models
  • Tracks everything for easy model diagnostics
  • Enrich predictions with external data for reporting
  • Pair with Teraport and Learner for model retraining



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About US

We build scalable analytics solutions across domains such as higher education, online advertising, and e-commerce.
Building Data Science Solutions Across Domains

Our team has been solving challenging data science problems for large organizations across different domains including Education Technology (EdTech), Advertising Technology (AdTech), and E-Commerce companies of all sizes.

We have put our experience into data science software solutions that can be used out of the box to assist you in gaining the most value from your data.

We know that data is messy, noisy, and comes in different flavors including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured formats. We look forward to assisting you with your unique data problems.

  • Data Engineering

    We apply software engineering best practices to the art of data engineering.

  • Data Science

    We build large scale real-world machine learning and analytics solutions.

  • Data Analytics

    We are experienced in cross domain data analytics including EdTech, AdTech, and E-Commerce.

  • Big Data

    We are experts in big data technologies including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

If you are curious to learn more, please contact us below. We would love to work with your organization to solve some of your toughest data challenges in simple and elegant ways.

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