Operationalize data science at scale


Learner enables business analysts and data scientists to build machine learning models in an intelligent and assisted manner without coding.

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Learner Features

Data Connectors

Connect to various data sources to import your CSV or simply drag and drop your CSV into Learner.

Explore training data

Deep dive into the data set used to train your models with summary stats, outlier and correlation analyses, and ad hoc visualizations.

Automatically train multiple algorithms

Choose your data set and simply configure the project you want to create. Then sit back and let Learner do the rest.

Predictive Insights

Explore various visualizations pertaining to the top predictors and understand the type of model that best fits your data.

Model Insights

Get to know your models and understand why one model might be better than another.

Works with ModOps

Push button deploy your Learner models with ModOps.

No coding required

Multiple ways to load your training CSV

Data exploration tools

Train multiple algorithms

Packed with insightful visualizations

Easily manage Learner models with ModOps