Operationalize data science at scale


ModOps supports the deployment and monitoring of machine learning models in a simple and self-service manner and exposes a RESTful API to your models that's instantly consumable by your development team.

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ModOps Features

Compatible with third party models

ModOps works with models built on Scikit-Learn, R, Apache Spark and, of course, Learner. You can also import models encoded in PMML files.

RESTful API access to your models

Your development team just needs to know the business data to pass to the API to make predictions.

Operational and performance insights

We believe the same philosophy and rigor that goes into releasing software should be applied to model deployment.

Model Lifecycle Management

Get timely performance alerts and know when to retrain your model so it doesn't get stale.

Detailed reporting on predictions

Delve deeper into your predictions by blending in external data that goes beyond the features of your model.

Works with Teraport and Learner

Opt in to model retraining with high quality production data used in making predictions.

Supports Learner and third party models

Instant API access to your deployed models

Dashboard to monitor your deployed models

Model performance alerts

Detailed reporting on predictions

Retrain models with Teraport and Learner