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Flexible real-time data ingestion

Teraport takes a modern and practical approach to enterprise data ingestion by exposing a simple RESTFul API to push data in real time to multiple sinks including databases, distributed file systems, data warehouses, and more.

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Teraport Features

Real-time event-oriented data ingestion API

Automatically translates the input JSON to physical tables with two copies in your cloud storage such as Amazon S3.

Auto summary stats on snapshots of ingested data

Configure your snapshot windows and frequency and get detailed explorable summary stats.

Configurable validation and transformation of incoming data

Configure data transformations on incoming data for real-time model scoring with ModOps or other prediction systems.

Built-in access audit reporting

Detailed tracking, instrumentation, and audit reporting for all in bound and out bound data.

Data quality reports

Built in quality reports for anomaly detection, break-out detection, and underlying shift in data characteristics.

Works with Learner

Import snapshot data into Learner for training machine learning models including data from new predictions made through ModOps.

Flexible for batch and real-time use cases

Simple And Intuitive UI

Securely stores on your cloud

Makes incoming data immediately available

Extensible and customizable

Provides snapshot training data to Learner